Director: Walton Smith
Assistant Director: Linda McCulloch

Welcome to Sunday School at St. George!

Our dedicated volunteer teaching staff invites all youth in pre-school (3 years old by September 1) through high school to join our Sunday School classes each week. Sunday School classes begin each week immediately following Holy Communion at approximately 11:30am and end at 12:15pm. The new Sunday School year begins with the Blessings of the Waters in August and concludes with Sunday School graduation in mid-May.

*Please check the Church Google Calendar for the specific dates

There is no registration fee for Sunday School, but we ask that everyone please complete a registration form to assist the staff in planning.  To register your child please complete a registration form and return it to the church.

Click here for registration form.

The mission of St. George’s Sunday School program is to educate our children in accordance  with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Tradition of the Orthodox Faith.  Using curriculum created by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, our teachers encourage age-appropriate discussion and activities to nurture  the spiritual development of our youth.  We strive to develop in our youth the habit of attending Church regularly and studying the Bible.  We pray that we cultivate in our youth an Orthodox conscience and prepare them to be faithful and devoted followers of Christ and productive members of the Church and the community.

Parents, some of the things you can do to support the best Sunday School experience for your child are:

Encourage Regular Attendance

We encourage you to attend the Divine Liturgy and to regularly receive Holy Communion, with the appropriate preparation, together as a family.  Please help your child to be on time to class and attend as often as possible.  It is only with your active participation and your child’s regular attendance that we are able to share Christ’s message of love with your children and help them grow in their Orthodox faith.  In all of our work and with all of our plans for the year, we recognize that the only way for our lessons to be truly effective is if we have the support of YOU, our wonderful Sunday School parents!


Please encourage your child to bring an offering to Sunday School class each week.  Whether it is a quarter they ahve in their pocket or five dollars they earned for doing chores, we hope to develop the idea of stewardship and illustrate that their contributions, no matter how large or small, are a way to give thanks to God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us.

Support Ministry/Service Projects

From time to time we wil invite the children to bring food or other needed items and attend activities to help needy families in our community.

Please call the church office with any questions regarding Sunday School at 865.522.5043.


Director: Mary Marsionis Strickland

The Greek School at St. George focuses on vocabulary building, reading, writing and grammar of the Modern Greek language to enhance and encourage its students to be bilingual.  Greek poems are learned to celebrate Greek Independence Day with a program in March of each year.

Greek School is open to students in kindergarten through high school

To register for Greek School, please complete the Greek School Registration form and mail to the address included on the form.

For any questions regarding Greek School, please call the church office at 865.522.5043.

Adult Catechism Instruction

Father Anthony Stratis

Catechism instruction is conducted by Father Anthony and is scheduled as requested or needed.

Please contact the church office at 865.522.5043 for more information.


Father Anthony Stratis

Instruction in the Orthodox Faith does not end when we finish Sunday School, but continues throughout our lifetime.  The Orthodox Studies program consists in a series in topical instruction during the Fall and Spring.

All adults are encouraged to participate in this valuable and enriching program.

Please contact the church office at 865.522.5043 for more information.


Father Anthony Stratis

This series of various and occasional events includes parish retreats, reflections, and presentations on various themes that touch upon how our Faith impacts our life.  Often, pamphlets will be prepared, as companion guides to the particular reflections and presentations, for the convenience and further edification of the faithful.

Please contact the church office at 865.522.5043 for more information.


The Genesis Bookstore has an extensive selection of books, religious items and educational materials to learn about the Orthodox faith.

The bookstore is located in the church hall and is open immediately following Liturgy most Sundays.